[HCDX] HWA logged in EU
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[HCDX] HWA logged in EU

For the first time for many years, I have once again received somfin
from Hawaii:

15000 kHz: WWVH Time Signals, Time bips (each min. different pitch),
FEMALE ann. at x+45, silence x=52-x=59 (slot for WWV MALE ann., but not
audible). Dec 10, 0624 UTC, SINPO 33332
 (Today morning - Dec 11 - pres. WWV, but much too weak)

Also heard:
6049.95 R Nigeria Kaduna, Vn, male ann., afr.singing, popmx. Dec 10,
0522 UTC, SINPO 22332

6458.5 (USB) AFRTS Puerto Rico, E, ann. Dec 10, 0537 UTC, SINPO 23232.

10320 (tent) AFRTS Hawaii, Pop at 0539, but 15 min.later - gone. Dec 10,
SINPO 24332.


Eike Bierwirth
(aka capercaillie@xxxxxxx)
QTH for a year : Stary Petergof, RUS-78,
 St.Petersburg metropolitan oblast
Find all SW sked at http://www.eibi.de.vu/
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