[HCDX] Vanuatu on 7260
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[HCDX] Vanuatu on 7260


I've listened to Vanuatu's local evening px for several days now and I
have noticed a change in px format. Their old schedule was as follows:
0700-0715 UTC E, 0715-0730 F and 0730-0800 Bislama.

What I hear now is a px in Bislama from 0700-0730 consisting of local
and  int'l  pop  music  (no  news at 0700 at all), followed by the old
"Yellow   Bird"   IS   (the  original one, not the variation which was
heard now and then last year) and news in E.

I wonder what happened to their French px, does anyone know?

Enzio Gehrig
Denia / Spain (38.50N/000.04E)

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