[HCDX] Logs, who knows 4770 aero
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[HCDX] Logs, who knows 4770 aero

Getting up early proved me today that the American continent still
exists... at other times of the day quite nothing received here from
So here some nice loggings from the past days:

675: NRK Roest, Norway, talk in Norwegian, \\1314. Dec 11, 2238, 44322.

4770: Russian weather service, but not Volmet tape but apparently
reading the data on request... a woman talking to some user (who
sometimes also could be heard, weak), sometimes asking "Vy napisali" or
"Pishite?" ("Did you note that" resp. "Are you writing?") Quickly
retuned as this is obviously not public........ who knows where this
could come from? Dec 14, 0518 UTC, 34344.

5745: WHRI South Bend Indiana, with talk in English. Dec 14, 0515,

5915.11: Kol Israel a bit off in Arabic (don't seem to care too much for
what is for Arabs these days...?) with news. Dec 14, 0437 UTC, 34343.

6090: Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, with our beloved father Gene uttering
his oh so wise and meaningful words. Dec 14, 0523 UTC, 24322.

7415: I think it was WBCQ with a loudly proclaiming preacher who
disturbed VoA here. Dec 14, 0445 UTC, 33232.

7445: Getting exotic... Radio for Peace International, Republica de
Costa Rica. English talk on women. Dec 14, 0451 UTC, 34333.

7510: KTBN Utah, in English, very lively preacher. Dec 14, 0505 UTC,

7580: WHRA, English preacher, the blood of Jesus Christ, Dec 14, 0520
UTC, 33433.

9370: WTJC, instr.mx, USA Radio Network Nx merely on Afghanistan, WTJC
ID after that. Then USA-Radio report on New York rebuilding. Then what
one would ecpect: The Gospel Hour. Dec 14, 0459, 35344. A bit off freq
(appr.9369.9, forgot to note the digit), and sometimes bubble jammer for
a few seconds.

9434.96: I have to withdraw my comments on Israel-Arab relation, the
English service is no better: Kol Israel, with Nx in English. Dec 14,
0508, 24332.

9590: R Nederland via Bonaire, report in English on Kenya's new
constitution. Dec 14, 0448, 34333. Parallel on 6165:43343.

9710: R Vilnius in English, pop mx, ID, downhill skiing. Dec 12, 0945,
53443 (some co-channel station)

9730: China R Int via Montsinery, French Guyana. English report on
China. Dec 14, 0430 UTC, 25332.

9745: HCJB Ecuador in English, preacher. Dec 14, 0439 UTC, 33333 with a
bubble jammer beneath... who does that? Voice of Mojahed claimed to be

11605.04: Also off freq, Kol Israel with English nx par. 9434.96. Dec
14, 0511, 24332

11675: R New Zealand International, excellent in English, end of news
and advice to retune to 15175. THIS IS NEW ZEALAND. c/d. Dec 12, 1004
UTC, 43433

11705: Wanted to listen to Fidel but only due to a faint rhythm,
parallel on some of the listed frequencies, I can proclaim to have heard
R Habana Cuba... Dec 14, 0455 UTC, 13321. Will be an USB tx as tuning
besides in SSB did not deliver a het. Parallel 9820: 13431. (did produce
a het)

11765: KNLS Alaska, English, ID, American idioms from the bible. Dec 12,
0824 UTC, 33333.

11880: R Australia Nx in English. Dec 12, 0904 UTC, 23333

12085: Voice of Mongolia, talk in Japanese, at 0930 IS and ID and px in
Mongolian. Cochannel with equally strong Syria (mutual fading). Dec 12,
0924, 33333.

12085: Again Voice of Mongolia, now px in English (Mailbag). Better now
as Syria is almost not being heard. Dec 12, 1030 UTC, 43323.

15175: R New Zealand Int. Followed the advice and retuned hither to
witness sign-on, bird IS and mx. Announced as special tx to NZL
peacekeeping troops in Bougainville etc. Dec 12, 1006, 43333.


Eike Bierwirth
(aka capercaillie@xxxxxxx)
QTH for a year : Stary Petergof, RUS-78,
 St.Petersburg metropolitan oblast, Russia
Find all SW sked at http://www.eibi.de.vu/
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