[HCDX] Radio Maria de Colombia 3280
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[HCDX] Radio Maria de Colombia 3280

Hello friends, old and new ones. Had to re-subscribe 
this list just to ask this question...

Since last weekend I have been wondering about the 
SW transmission of Radio Maria de Colombia that 
I noticed first time in 8:th December on 3280 kHz. 
ID is 100%. Signal is strong and stabile, which 
automatically disqualifies LV del Napo as a signal 
source, I believe. It has been heard since last 
weekend on daily basis, obviously. I checked out the 
WEWN website, but found not a clue about their 
possible relay of R Maria (just an idea). Does anybody 
know *anything* about where does this transmission 
come from?

Jari Lehtinen
Lahti, Finland

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