[HCDX] IRRS-Shortwave Test
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[HCDX] IRRS-Shortwave Test

Hi There,

IRRS-Shortwave will be testing next Sunday Dec 16, 2001, between 0800-1200 UTC on an additional frequency of 13,840/13,835. We will be carrying our Internet feed, with a slightly different audio than on 7,120 kHz, and include some free radio programs from Radio 510 International ( www.radio510.org ).

The audio on 13,840/13,835 kHz will be also available via our home page at http://www.nexus.org or http://mp3.nexus.org:8000/irn.mp3 in MP3 streaming. A

We will appreciate receiving reception reports via email on this test broadcast, and especially have a comparative measurement between 7,120 and 13,840/13,835 kHz. Please notice that audio on 7,120 kHz will be different than on 13,840/13,835 kHz.

Please send all reports to : reports@xxxxxxxxx . Our regular program schedules are on line at http:/www.nexus.org/NEXUS-IBA/Schedules . Information on these and future tests is available at http://www.nexus.org/NEXUS-IBA/Schedules/IRRS-SW_tests.html .

Please let us hear from you! Thanks.



 And_Bov -  a.borgnino@xxxxxxxx  -  Ham call IW1CXZ since 1991

Monitoring shortwave from Rome - Italy with a Kenwood R5000 - 20 Mt. Lw
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      http://www.agora.stm.it/A.Borgnino (Staglieno & Joy Division site)

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