[HCDX] UNID 17004 USB. R Carama?
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[HCDX] UNID 17004 USB. R Carama?

UNKNOWN, 17004 USB, R Carama (tentative), 0826 Dec 15,
High paced commercial format with popular MX. I think
the language was Portuguese, but not 100% sure. Heard
ID given at least 3 different times. Listening to the
recording over and over again; I think the name is
Radio Carama with the accent on the 2nd syllable. My
guess is this might have come from Brazil. Sounded
like a relay of a commercial BC station. Was it a
pirate, feeder, or something else? Signal was quite
nice from 0826-0845, weak by 0900, and inaudible by
0920. If anyone has info on this, please contact
me.(Hodgson, TN USA)

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