[HCDX] Re my unid 7090
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[HCDX] Re my unid 7090

Hi Trollhättan here again

Re 7090 I found, by google, that this might well be Voice of Iraqi  Kurdistan, as reported by Anker Petersen. The clandestines seem to have become so much
established that scheduled programming, not just political talk, drum-beating and
harsh words can be expected. This one was not jammed. Nor is 6995, Voice of the People of Kurdistan, regularily heard.

The Mujahedin & jammer frequency jumping on 5630 to 5650 and back was on
at 0450 Dec16. If you like hide and seek games, this is the place. Fascinating or
just silly, it's up to the listener to judge. 

4940 was on from Yakutsk at 0800 in Russian this morning. Hits and jingles and commercials. Not at all like Sunday p.m. when  I recorded a long px in Yakutian.

A hailstorm of phonecalls have keep me busy, but now at 1145 people seem to
have calmed down. The receiver is set on 990 and fine Scottish songs and dances have been coming in from Radio Nan Gaidheal, Aberdeen.

73 Johan Berglund Trollhättan, Sweden   

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