[HCDX] Recent QSLs
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[HCDX] Recent QSLs

Hi all
Some recent QSLs:
783    NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, Access Radio sent e-mail QSL in one day for e-mail report with realaudio file. v/s Kevin Oliff, Station Manager. E-mail addr: accessradio@xxxxxxxxxxxx
945    CHINA, CNR sent unsigned full data card in one month for taped report.  Address: Department Audience, China National Radio, P.O.Box 4501, Beijing. 
1323    CHINA, CRI, sent full data card in 3 weeks for taped report, crossed out "English Service" and wrote in Russian.  Unreadable v/s, possibly Ying Lian or similar.  Also included English service program schedule.
1503    MICRONESIA, V6AJ sent friendly letter in one month for taped report with $1 for RP.  Confirmed power as 1 kw.  Signed by Keitson Jonas, Voice of Kosrae, P.O. Box 147, Tofol, Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia 96944.  MW Country #46.
1548    SRI LANKA, Deutsche Welle, sent full data card (including xr site & freq) and letter for 1996 reception.  Took 5 weeks, for report sent to Germany.  V/s Mrs. Silke Broker, mentioned reports should be sent to Deutsche Welle, Technische Beratung, D-50588 Koln (the address in 2001 WRTH is 3 years out of date).  MW Country #45.