[HCDX] 6185 & 11590
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[HCDX] 6185 & 11590


I have spent a few hours on 6185 and 11590 today Dec 18, from 
10 to 1310, with a few breaks.

6185 Dec18 1000  Rather weak station in Chinese mixing with
         another station with Latin American rythms. I thought I'd
         missed the train, as I'd gone for Radio Educación, which
         was heard last January here until noon local time one day.                       
         This Chinese station intrigued me a bit, and I got half an id
         ....Broadcasting Corporation. That ruled out Huayi BC. Com-
        pany as the WRTH 2001 says, also another list. But I stayed
        on but quit as a very strong carrier came on on 6180 at 1043.

         After some google search I found Jari Savolainen's news about
         a QSL from China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation, not
         Company. His report to HCDX List was dated March 9, 2000,
         so Huayi should be the thing on 6185.   I went on to try 11590
          and there it was.So this is my hint for today :

11590 Dec18 1140 China.  China Huayi Broadcasting 
            Corporation, Fuzhou, Fujian. Really a piece of cake here,
            and one of many identical (canned?) ids in E reads :
            "This is FM 99.6 107.1 (the word point is not said) CHINA      
            be a genitive "s" after China,  i.e. China's, but I can't be
            100 % sure. Though that is a petty detail.  QSA 4 at best.

Now it's up to the language buffs to explain how something sounding
as "Why" is spelt Huyai. To be honest I do not care very much.

73 Johan Berglund, outside Trollhättan, near the west coast of 
Sweden. AR7030, K9AY + longwire

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