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Italy/USA: Adventist World Radio to close Forli SW station

Text of press release from Adventist World Radio on 20 December

Adventist World Radio (AWR) officially announces the end of broadcasting
from its shortwave station located at Forli in Italy, effective 31 December
2001. The low powered 2.5 kW station in Forli has been on the air since
1985. The decision to cease broadcasting from the Forli site ultimately
became inevitable after AWR began leasing airtime from two more powerful
stations; Deutsche Telekom in Juelich, Germany, and ORF in Moosbrunn,

Adventist World Radio is the international radio system of Christian
ministry operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church with its headquarters
in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. AWR owns and operates a major shortwave
broadcasting station on the island of Guam, licensed by the FCC as KSDA,
with four transmitters at 100 kW. AWR also leases time on shortwave relay
stations in six additional countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, South
Africa, Madagascar and the United Arab Emirates.

AWR also broadcasts on national radio throughout Russia, as well as in
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. AWR also operates a satellite programme
distribution system serving a local network of downlink stations located in
Latin America, from Guatemala to Argentina. Additionally, AWR operates a
growing internet-based system of programme distribution accessible at
www.awr.org. The mission of AWR is to speak the message of hope in Jesus to
the peoples of the world in their own languages.

Geoff Patterson, Communication Director, Adventist World Radio,

Source: Adventist World Radio press release in English 20 Dec 01

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