[HCDX] LA Logs of 18-12; and yr help!
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[HCDX] LA Logs of 18-12; and yr help!

MY logs page www.geocties.com/zliangas/logs.htm has been  updated with all the logs of 
this year. Notice that this page is abt 100 kB 

BRAZIL 4985 R Brazil Central 2157 with S6 (34323) talks byu OM about universities. Self 
adverts with ID " R Brazil central' . Also talks on 2208 with peak level of S4 but again on 
S5 at 2236 Liangas 18 Retziki THS GReece 

unIDed 4926.6 R san MIquel ? 2230 justr fading up , man talking in SS . Signal just S1 
Liangas 18 Retziki THS Greece 

unIDed 4815 ... 2243 man in ?? , song valse type and same firmat follos ( tals , song at 
54 ) . QRm af 45 by CRI RU irth S6 . Original signal S3 with 10 db preamp
Liangas 18 Retziki THS GReece 

4885  two stations found  at 2305 one in PP by YL( Clube de para?)  with slow talks and 
underneath one man with enthusiatci talks in SP.YL spoeaking on informations then 
music play . program seems to me as religious  Max level signal S3 
Liangas 18 Retziki THS GReece 

5000.4 time signal  2316 at margianl levels Can this be YVTO? 

PERU 5039.15 ( R.Libertad de Junin) 2315 with Latin type music  palyed by many guitars 
. Man with lively talks then again sogns abt 2326  again with talks . Best reception under 
LSB but nearly  marginal. Signal  level : S1 max 

pen-DX sejak 72 - anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, dll
PP: R75/HF150/MVT7100/D2935  + 16m/1x1 + MFJ16010/1040/1025/752c/462 
/trip2k.htm (dlm Bkk,SNG,BAli)   /MP3_comp.htm comparison Xing/Fastenc 
/napa.htm crash test Napa DAV315 MP3 player 

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