[HCDX] R. Tsentr
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[HCDX] R. Tsentr

Jim Renfrew, Byron NY
Drake R8, longwires

Recent Loggings


6965    UNID (R. Voice of Freedom and Renewal?, as listed in PWBR 2002),
0425-0505+ - Strong, at first with talk in what sounded like Arabic and
Middle Eastern music, but increasingly subject to noise and barely
audible by 0505.  No ID's noted.  No record of this being logged in
NASWA Journal for many months.  (Renfrew, 12/24)


225    Polskie Radio, 0300 - First time noted this season, with a good
signal at this time.  Clear ID right at the top of the hour, then news.
On re-check at 0305 music was being played.  (Renfrew, 12/24)


5925    R. Tsentr, St. Petersburg, 0300-0500 - As announced in DXLD,
with talk on 12/23, a few ID's, and familiar Christmas carols (in
Russian, I suppose), strongest around 0330, but heavy noise.  After 0415
it appeared that the male announcer's comments were being translated by
a female announcer into English, but I could not follow the thread.
Also noted, but weaker, around 0330 on 12/24.  I sent a report to the
e-mail address, but no response yet.  (Renfrew, 12/23 & 24)

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