[HCDX] Papua New Guinea 2002
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[HCDX] Papua New Guinea 2002


I've just re-established an old habit I had in the 60's. On New Years Eve, at 15 local
time, 14 Greenwich Mean Time, I was tuned to 4890, just to hear the bells and "Auld Lang Syne" from Port Moresby, nine hours before anybody else in Sweden
heard our own bells.  

It still works. And still it's the first local broadcast from anywhere in the world that can be monitored here, I think. It was fun to say at the party  later that I'd already heard the bells live, nine hours earlier. Of course it gave me some incredulous looks. A short explanation, which very few grasped at the moment. Remember this was very long before satellites and global TV and many of the readers of this were not born.

And this year : 
A minister working himself and the audience into a frenzy, and a countdown that
was approximately 20 seconds early, but the bells sounded at exactly 14UT. And
"Auld Lang Syne" followed.

So here's a hint for Dec 31, 2002, 1400 UT : 4890 PNG 2003 New Year's Celebrations. 

73 and Happy DX-ing 2002.

 Johan Berglund, Trollhättan, Sweden   

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