[HCDX] Tropical Bands interviews with experts
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[HCDX] Tropical Bands interviews with experts

You may be interested in the Tropical Bands interviews (part of which were
published in December's Radio Active magazine here in the UK).

International experts interviewed were:
Harold Buggins (England) Duane Fischer (USA) Marie Lamb (USA) Dario
Monferini (Italy)
Paul Ormandy (New Zealand) Bob Padula (Australia) Willi Passmann (Germany)
Sheryl Paszkiewicz (USA) Walt Salmaniw (Canada) Nicholas Vaughan-Baker
The full interviews , along with other articles are at:


A Happy New Year to all!

Chris Brand
Hale, Cheshire, U.K
Chris Brand's DX International:
IT Perspectives Ltd www.it-p.co.uk

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