[HCDX] THE Latin American Radio Tour 2002
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[HCDX] THE Latin American Radio Tour 2002

        Hola amigos!  In October 2002, enjoy a fantastic radio holiday tour of the great cities of Latin America. Visit radio stations you?ve heard over the years, meet local shortwave radio enthusiasts, and share the company of fellow radio travelers from New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe.
        In association with the New Zealand Radio DX League, the tour is organized by Ragusa Media Group, supporters of the Radio Heritage Collection project at www.radiodx.com
        Imagine visiting the studios of Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior in Buenos Aires. Radio Monte Carlo in Montevideo. Radio Globo in Rio de Janeiro. Radio Portales in Santiago. And many other stations familiar to Latin American DXers.
        You?ll meet the station personnel, visit studios, and interesting tower systems, and get a unique feel for Latin American radio in the local culture. Maybe even collect that elusive QSL in person.
        Of course, there?s plenty of sightseeing too, with time for exploring on your own. You visit Buenos Aires first, then travel by fast ferry across the River Plate to Montevideo. You then fly on to Rio de Janeiro, across the Andes to Santiago, and return to Buenos Aires before leaving for home.
        Bring a radio along. There?s time to do some bandscans of the local radio dials in every city, and always some time to DX if you want. You?ll meet local DXers and swap stories and make new friends.
 You?ll stay in comfortable and reasonably priced hotels, have your own bus for local sightseeing and touring, and your breakfasts are included as are some evening meals. .
        Your tour leaders are David and Jocelyne Ricquish. David is former editor of the New Zealand DX Times and has been DXing for over 30 years. Jocelyne speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese and both have experience with leading other tour groups and are familiar with Latin America
You can join the tour in Buenos Aires, using frequent flyer airmiles or the best local airfares available to you, whether you in live in the USA, Canada, or Europe.
 From Australia and New Zealand, you?ll fly on Qantas from Auckland direct to Buenos Aires with a special airfare included in the price. From Asia we recommend joining in Auckland.
        The tour is designed for DXers, Shortwave Listeners, radio enthusiasts and all those who enjoy the music and culture of Latin America. October is springtime in this part of Latin America.
        Join fellow DXers and radio friends in this wonderful tour of the great cities of Latin America, home of many great radio stations.
 The full itinerary and booking conditions can be found at the New Zealand Radio DX League website http://radiodx.com/spdxr/dxtour.htm or can be obtained from Latin American Radio Tour, PO Box 14339, Wellington, New Zealand. Early reservations are recommended to secure your place.
        You can also email David and Jocelyne directly at ragusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and they?ll be happy to answer any questions about the tour. The Latin American Radio Tour is managed by Travel & Learn Tours, Calder & Lawson Travel, a bonded member of the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand.

Paul Ormandy
Host of The South Pacific DX