[HCDX] 27597-27605 FM UNID
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[HCDX] 27597-27605 FM UNID

27597-27605 FM, UNID, 1315-1327, 6 Jan. As I was
scanning up 27 Mhz I came across, the broadcast of an
Irish church service in FM mode. I soon realized that
it was a funeral. I assume this was a remote feed of
some sort. This is what I heard: At 1315 mournful song
by woman with piano accompaniment. Definite Irish
melody. Then there was a minute of just background
sounds like coughing and rustling. Then a Priest with
definite Irish accent began a prayer and the
congregation responded at appropriate times. Then
someone else said: "Please stand for the final
farewell prayer". After the prayer a bell began
tolling and there was one last prayer, followed by
another beautiful song by the woman with piano. When
the song ended the signal went off. Lots of fading,
distortion, and CB QRM, but at times quite strong and
clear.(Hodgson, TN USA)

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