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The DARWIN facility is now being used continuously from 2030-0800, with two of
the six transmitters now in use for Radio Australia or Vision International

The new schedule reflects the recent introduction of:

11935 VI 2030-2130 English
17775 RA 0000-0130 English
17820 VI 0700-0800 Chinese

The full schedule, confirmed by monitoring here in Melbourne, as at Jan-06, is:

7170 2030-2200 VI English
11935 2030-2130 VI English
11935 2130-2330 RA Indonesian
11935 2330-0000 VI Indonesian
13620 2200-0000 RA English
17645 0130-0500 VI English
17645 0500-0700 VI Chinese
17775 0000-0130 RA English
17820 0700-0800 VI Chinese
21680 0000-0030 RA English
21680 0030-0130 VI Indonesian
21680 0130-0400 VI English
21680 0400-0430 RA Indonesian
21680 0430-0500 VI Indonesian
21680 0500-0530 RA Indonesian
21680 0530-0800 VI Indonesian

Good listening to Darwin!

Bob Padula, Melbourne, Australia

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