RE: [HCDX] unbelievable Mailinglist
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RE: [HCDX] unbelievable Mailinglist

Willi Passman wrote:

> Yesterday I received a mail that informed me that
> "I've added you to my bcdx_net group at Yahoo! (standard Yahoo text
> deleted) Here's a description of the group:
>   talk about this wonderful electronic media- radio dxing"
> This was signed by:
> "Regards,
> Moderator, bcdx_net"

This has been going on for some time. The same thing happened to me a few
months ago. But the name of the group is different. He annoys so many people
that they complain to Yahoo, which cancels the group - so he starts another
one. I was told that his group merely consists of messages cross-posted from
existing groups, so you're right, it is not adding anything to the sum of
knowledge. But since I had an altercation with him, he has left me alone.
Long may it continue :-)

Andy Sennitt

Although I work for Radio Netherlands, I am participating here on an
individual basis. Opinions expressed are my own, and do not necessarily
reflect the official position of Radio Netherlands.

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