[HCDX] QSL Numbers
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[HCDX] QSL Numbers

I remember reading an article by DXer Arthur Cushen several years back
about the number of QSLs received in the different years he DXed. The
number kept pretty constant, he reported. I have only kept track of the
number in the past 10 or so years. I wish I would have back in the 80s.
I could back back and add up all the different QSLs for each year, but
that would be a lot of work. Anyway here are the number of QSLs received
for each year. It has kept pretty constant, even though QSLing is harder
now. It still pays off.

2001 - 79
2000 - 134 (My best year)
1999 - 82
1998 - 104
1997 - 70
1996 - 85
1995 - 92
1994 - 86
1993 - 89
1992 - 51 ( The year I got the R8)

These are MW QSLs for the most part. There might be a LW one in there
(Russia). The number of QSL's really dropped off after Sept 11th in
Hopefully the coming year will be good.


Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR
KAVT Reception Manager

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