Fwd: Re: [HCDX] Address of Radio La Voz del Campesino
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Fwd: Re: [HCDX] Address of Radio La Voz del Campesino

 --- Henrik Klemetz <hklemetz@xxxxxxxx> skrev: >
Datum: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 06:43:41 +0100 (CET)
> Från: Henrik Klemetz <hklemetz@xxxxxxxx>
> Svara-till: klemetz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Ämne: Re: [HCDX] Address of Radio La Voz del
> Campesino
> Till: Marco <mko84@xxxxxxxxx>,
> hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>  --- Marco <mko84@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: > Hello again,
> > 
> > Does anybody know the address of the radio La Voz
> > del Campesino on 6957
> > kHz??
> > Thanks
> > 
> > 73's de Marco
> > 
> Following is an extract from the Dateline Bogota
> 1998
> log:
> 5602.7 PERU R La V del Campesino, noted Jun 22-24,
> announcing "5600 kHz", unheard of late. Signal was
> fair, so one would not expect a tx failure in the
> first place. In the morning, from 1000 onwards,
> "Amanecer campesino", followed by "Recorriendo los
> Andes del Perú". In the evening, around 2200,
> "Recorriendo los pueblos del Alto Piura.---Unheard
> since late Jun, hrd closing 0029 Jul 26, promising
> to
> be back by 7 am next morning. Prgr consisted of
> request music and some comunicados, including a msge
> from the owner of a mobile disco to all teenagers in
> the village of El Higueron, "don't you worry; the
> stereo equipment will arrive by 9 pm; please keep 10
> portions of snacks ready for us; signed Américo
> Guamán". At s/off, "gerente general" was mentioned
> as
> Alberto Soto Santos (same as in Feb and Mar 1997,
> when
> they were on 4004.9) and the address, which is new
> info, was given as Av. Piura 1015, Pampa Alegre,
> distrito de San Miguel de El Faique, provincia de
> Huancabamba, departamento de Piura. [Incidentally, R
> San Miguel de El Faique, 6895.2, at s/off on May 14,
> claimed to be located at no. 1200 of that very same
> Avenida Piura].
> 73,
> Henrik Klemetz
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