Re: [HCDX] Address of Radio La Voz del Campesino
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Re: [HCDX] Address of Radio La Voz del Campesino

 --- Marco <mko84@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: > Hello again,
> Does anybody know the address of the radio La Voz
> del Campesino on 6957
> kHz??
> Thanks
> 73's de Marco
Following is an extract from the Dateline Bogota 1998

5602.7 PERU R La V del Campesino, noted Jun 22-24,
announcing "5600 kHz", unheard of late. Signal was
fair, so one would not expect a tx failure in the
first place. In the morning, from 1000 onwards,
"Amanecer campesino", followed by "Recorriendo los
Andes del Perú". In the evening, around 2200,
"Recorriendo los pueblos del Alto Piura.---Unheard
since late Jun, hrd closing 0029 Jul 26, promising to
be back by 7 am next morning. Prgr consisted of
request music and some comunicados, including a msge
from the owner of a mobile disco to all teenagers in
the village of El Higueron, "don't you worry; the
stereo equipment will arrive by 9 pm; please keep 10
portions of snacks ready for us; signed Américo
Guamán". At s/off, "gerente general" was mentioned as
Alberto Soto Santos (same as in Feb and Mar 1997, when
they were on 4004.9) and the address, which is new
info, was given as Av. Piura 1015, Pampa Alegre,
distrito de San Miguel de El Faique, provincia de
Huancabamba, departamento de Piura. [Incidentally, R
San Miguel de El Faique, 6895.2, at s/off on May 14,
claimed to be located at no. 1200 of that very same
Avenida Piura].

Henrik Klemetz

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