[HCDX] Logs from Argentine
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[HCDX] Logs from Argentine

4835 Radio Marañon, Jaen. 0044-0106. January 08.
Programme in spanish conduced by male.
Music ("Cumbia andina"). Cheek time: "siete de la
noche con 52 minutos...". Greetings. Message of
listener with: "..saludos a todos los integrantes de
Radio Marañon...".-More music. ID at 0101 UTC by
male and female. After, romantic music. 24232
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)  

6460,9 Radio Bosques, Argentina. 2333-0000. January 09.
First test transmission in this new frequency!!!!.
Folk music and, at 2338, Argentine National Anthem.
After, romantic music in spanish. At 2351, folk music.
At 2354 ID by male in spanish as: "Usted esta sintonizando
a Radio Bosques, desde Buenos Aires, en la Republica
Argentina"; at 2355, other ID by male as: "Desde Argentina,
esta es RAL, Radiodifusion Argentina Libre, desde Buenos
Aires.....". 34232
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)

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