[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC
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[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC

A variable week, with the main area of interest appears to be very nice openings to Brazil during our late afternoons and evenings. Not an area I usually monitor, but with conditions otherwise spotty, and with the world cup of soccer happening, nonetheless interesting:

BRAZIL 11915.06, 0233-, R.Gaucha Jun 2 Suffering from a lot of atmospheric
noise, still in the clear with lots of ads and jingles.  Best on LSB.
(Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

BRAZIL 11924.988, 0200-, R.Bandeirantes Jun 2 Time pips coming upto top of
hour with soccer play by play with prolonged 'scores' in
Portuguese.  Nothing like it anywhere else! Frequent mentions of
Brasil.  Very lively programming! Parallel to 9.645.156 which is better.
6090 is just audible under Anguilla.  Time pips again on the quarter hour.
(Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

GUYANA 3291.25, 0611-, R.Guyana Jun 2 Fairly well heard, except for the
static crashes, with BBC WS news.  Sport news at 0621.  Noted to be
parallel to BBCWS on 12095.  Continues with same past 0630 with information
re India/Pakistan crisis.  Gradually improving signal. (Salmaniw, Victoria,
BC, Canada)

MADAGASCAR 7310, 0330-, VOICE OF PEOPLE May 30 A change in their pattern
noted tonight.  Normally carrier comes on 90 seconds before sign on, then
into brief music and ID as Radio VOP or Voice of the People.  Tonight,
crash start at 0330 with some talk for approximately 15 seconds followed by
the guitar tune.  Signal again is no where near as strong as in the past.
(Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

MEXICO 9704.91, 0309-, R.MEXICO INTERN. Jun 2 Ending Spanish language
programming at 0304, and into English.  Solid S9 signal, then into mailbag
program in English.  Parallel 11770.12 slightly stronger, but both
suffering from some adjacent splatter. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

ROMANIA 17815, 0220-, R.ROMANIA INTERN. Jun 2 Very nice S7+ signal and good
modulation in English, despite being beamed to Austrialia.  Cultural
program. No other frequecy was useable at this time. (Salmaniw, Victoria,
BC, Canada)

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