[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC
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[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC

A selection of mostly Latin American stations. I'm hoping to pick up Uruguay during the world cup soccer championships. Have a great week!..........Walt.

ARGENTINA 15344.97, 2355-, R.ARGENTINA EXTERIOR Jun 7 Long-winded sign-off announcements in Spanish with lots of mentions of RAE, Argentina. Into several minutes of their IS, then multilingual IDs. Good signal, with parallel 11710.02 fair to good. Time pips at top of hour only on 11710.02 as 15344.97 signs off, and into multilingual announcements, before settling into Spanish again. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

BOLIVIA 6155.07, 0308-, R.Fides Jun 8 Local phone-in program, mostly young
women and male DJ.  Latin music.  Getting stronger as darkness gets closer
(after 2200 local this time of year).  This time the HF-2050 gets a much
better useable signal than does the 7030+.  A fair bit of adjacent
splatter, which I think the 2050 handles better.  Very  few interuptions to
music after 0330, with just the odd word or two.  Faded, rather than coming
up towards 0400.  Obliterated by BBC French to Africa via Ascension at
0430. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

BRAZIL 11815, 0245-, R.Brasil Central Jun 8 Nice Brazilian music, with
local ID at 0245.  Let it Be at 0249.  Good reception.  Too early for 60
meters to propagate this time of year. Full ID at 0258 with 25 and 60 meter
tropical band frequencies, then canned jingle for Radio Brasil
Central.  Into news at 0259. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

BRAZIL 11924.95, 0241-, R.Bandeirantes Jun 8 Nice variety program in
Portuguese, with many local ads, mentions of Sao Paulo.  Good
reception.  Slightly better than parallel 9645.15. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC,

COSTA RICA 6149.95, 0322-, WORLD UNIVERS.NETWORK Jun 8 Dr. Gene Scott with
his usual boring monologue.  Fair reception. Better reception on 5029.07,
and best on Anguilla 6090.  Nothing in 31 or 25 meters at this time.
(Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

HONDURAS 4819.18, 1119-, Voz Evangelica Jun 6 Spanish religious talk by
male.  Fair reception.  RTTY interference on LSB, so USB best. (Salmaniw,
Victoria, BC, Canada)

MADAGASCAR 7310, 0330-, VOICE OF PEOPLE Jun 9 Fair to good reception
tonight, except for a lot of atmospheric static crashes.  7315 appears off
the air.  I'm quite sure the announcer mentioned a change in
schedule.  Could someone closer to south Africa confirm. (Salmaniw,
Victoria, BC, Canada)

MADAGASCAR 15320, 0437-, VOICE OF HOPE Jun 8 Very nice music with report
about Uganda. Much music both local and western sounding music.  More
English than the last time I listened (all in fact).  Very good
reception.  Parallel  good, but only on my 25 meter dipole, otherwise only
fair. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

RUSSIA 17735, 0500-, Radio Ezra Jun 9 Initial very poor reception with S3
to S5, but about 0506 a sudden big improvement to S7 to S9 or
better.  Something, I suspect happened at the transmitter site.  After
contact information, into his religious beliefs, and fascination with the
Jewish religion.  Towards the end of the program, reception again
deteriorated to fair only.  A strange half hour!  Closing anouncemets at
0528, mentioning  that this was the best program so far.  He also reports a
lack of response to this series of programs, compared to the last series in
11/01.  Off at 05:29:30, with transmitter off at 05:30. (Salmaniw,
Victoria, BC, Canada)

SINGAPORE 9600, 1322-, R.SINGAPORE INTERN. Jun 7 Good to very good
reception with news.  ID at 1333.  Local time check for 9:35 at
13:35.  Then program about underwater world at Singapore wetlands, by Linda
Sunshine. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

TUNISIA 17735, 1553-, R.TUNIS Jun 9 Good reception in the clear with two
people talking in Arabic about the middle east.  Heard mentions of Mubarek
and Afghanistan.  Then brief Koran recital (?) at 1555.  A shame they don't
broadcast in English, or even French. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

URUGUAY 6140, 1058-, R.Monte Carlo Jun 6 Started to monitor this frequency
at this time.  What a mess.  There is a pile up of two stronger stations,
one of which is a Chinese speaker, possibly a Chinese domestic, though I'm
not sure from where.  There is another possibly Chinese station beneath
this.  Despite this, I could hear some Spanish at about 11:03 or so, not
parallel to Radio Rebelde on 9600.   This could very tentatively be
Uruguay.  I was hoping for something at 1130, but as I listen, I hear the
same 2 Chinese stations (?), one with a male speaker, the other with a
woman, and no Spanish soccer play by play. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

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