[HCDX] Cannot believe it
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[HCDX] Cannot believe it

Re 4820 Zacharias Liangas and comment by Jari Savolainen, it's rather clear that Zacharias got it wrong, or they were joking on 4820. But let's thank Zacharias a lot for so much of very good monitoring and reporting to the HCDX.  
Bophutswana was a so-called homeland in South Africa in the times of the late apartheid regimes, and of course it did not work.  I am sure that that  idea was buried pretty deep after democracy came to South Africa.
It's the World Cup  going on - and this is for real - and  for me too. Sorry, football haters.  But I got bored of Swedish commentators during the match between England and Sweden last Sunday and  picked up  252 Longwave - TeamTalk, Ireland  for the speakers. But something was odd about it.  They didn't fit, the screen events and   the commentator sound.   I found out that the guy on 252 was viewing it with a delay. When Sweden goaled, he was WAY behind. Not just slow. As if directing a  symphony orchestra after the final thundering bars.
Funny experience.
73 JB
Johan Berglund
Trollhättan, Sweden