[HCDX] Colaborations from Argentine
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[HCDX] Colaborations from Argentine

4876,6 Radio La Cruz del Sur, La Paz.
1040+. June 06. Transmission in aymara.
Commentary by male about the position
of local business about the next
presidential election. 34433
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)

5927 Radiodifusora Mineria, Oruro.
1032-1039. June 06. Spanish transmission.
Mesagges for the next presidential election.
Ann. of "Corte Electoral de Oruro".
ID as: "Transmite CP......onda media, CP...
onda corta, banda internacional de 49 metros....
Radiodifusora Mineria......". 23432
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)

6105,6 Radio Panamericana, La Paz.
1052-1100. Spanish transmission.
Headlines: "resumen de la informacion
general de las ultimas horas". Local advs.:
Banco Nacional de Bolivia: "nuestro 
compromiso es con la gente"; "gran sorteo 
de la telefonia publica....con una tarjeta de
20 bolivianos..."; station announcement:
"Buenos Dias Bolivia...es una presentacion
de Entel, la señal de Bolivia en el mundo".
Short commentary about the match 
Denmark-Senegal, in the FIFA  World Cup 
Korea-Japan 2002. Cheek time. At 1100
ann.& ID as: "Panamericana presente......
Radionoticias": International news. 43422.
(Slaen, June 06)

4992,4 Radio Ancash, Huaraz, 1025-1030.
June 06. Messages by male in spanish. 
Greetings. Huaynos. 24442
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)

6797,6 Radio Ondas del Rio Mayo, Nvo. Cajamarca,
1048+. June 06. Music programme conduced by male
in spanish. Huaynos. 24442
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine)

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