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Dear Friend

The Finnish DX Association has the great pleasure of welcoming all Dxers,
shortwave listeners, radio hobbyists and international broadcasters to
attend the joint conference of the European DX Council and the Finnish DX
Association. The conference will be held 15th to 18th of August 2002 in
the town of Pori, located on the west coast of Finland.

Some of you may remember the DX conferences held in Finland in 1987 and
1992. Those have been the biggest DX conferences ever in Europe and they
are also widely regarded as maybe the best ones. Our intention is to put
up a similar conference providing a wide selection of items covering DXing
on AM and FM, shortwave listening and international shortwave
broadcasting.  In 1987 and 1992 we reached an attendance of over 200
participants, and our goal this time is 150-200.

The radio hobby will be the key topic of the conference. The agenda will
cover sessions and panel discussions on hard-core AM and FM Dxing,
international shortwave Dxing and  shortwave broadcasting as well as other
delivery techniques. Competitions and other entertainment will also be
included. The venue is the Spa Hotel Yyteri situated about 20 kms outside
the town of Pori, and most items will take place in the hotel. Of course a
visit to the YLE Radio Finland shortwave transmitter center only 15 kms
away will be organised. The Spa Hotel Yyteri is located on one of the most
beautiful sand beaches of Finland offering an excellent forum for tourist
activities for you and also for your companion.

The conference will take place from Friday 15th of August till Sunday 18th
of August. In addition there will be an option to participate on a trip to
Tallinn, Estonia from Sunday 18th of August till Tuesday 20th of August.
The trip to Tallinn includes a visit to Estonian Radio.

The conference www pages are available at
http://www.sdxl.org/edxc/edxc2002.html. The price of the conference
package is 65 euros including the welcome reception on Friday, the tour to
YLE Radio Finland transmitters and the EDXC Banquet. Hotel price is 43
euros per person per night in a double room and 65 euros per night in a
single room. If you wish to have a cheaper accommodation, there is a good
camping site with huts only 300 metres from the hotel. More details are
available in the www pages. We'll be happy to answer your questions.
Please use e-mail address edxc2002@xxxxxxxxx

We hope to see as many of you as possible in Pori! Please don't hesitate
to contact us, if you have any questions, comment or ideas. Join us now!
Most likely there will be no other DX-meetings in Europe offering same
quality and quantity coming for years.

Welcome to Finland!

The Finnish DX Association (FDXA)

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Keep in mind EDXC Conference 2002 in mid-August - the biggest DX and SWL
meeting in Europe! See http://www.sdxl.org/edxc/edxc2002.html, come to
Pori, Finland and enjoy!
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