[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.133
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[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.133

JEMBATAN DX NO.133    June 15, 2002

edited by Juichi Yamada
Credit is given to the original contributors and Jembatan DX.
Reproduce in this newsletter is prohibited without permission of

Contribution on this issue is:
Craig Tyson, AUSTRALIA
Juichi Yamada, JAPAN
Many Thanks!

*: Sign on or sign off.
+: Fade in or fade out.
SCI: the Song of the Coconut Islands.
RPK: Rayuan Pulau Kelapa. Same as above.

All times in UTC.
DX LOGGINGS-------------------------------------------------------
 3266.4   RRI Gorontalo. 1250 local pops, SCI, Jakarta news relay then signed off
             with closing announcement. Fair signal.
             (Jun 15, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
 3976.1   RRI Pontianak. At 1432 ID as "Radio Republik Indonesia Pontianak" then
             female talk, music and telephone conversations. Fair.
             (Jun 11, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
 9741.7  RRI Sorong. Heard often here until 0758*
            (Jun 14, 2002, Craig Tyson, AUSTRALIA)

15125.0   RRI Jakarta, Cimanggis. Suddenly signed on at 2149 with Indonesian
             popular song, SCI, and "Warta Berita Utama". Fair.
             (Jun 8, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)
DX NEWS-----------------------------------------------------------
RRI Sorong on 4874.6kHz seemed to be inactive.
(Jun 14, 2002, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

QSL INFORMATION---------------------------------------------------
I've really been feeling sorry for myself since sending our a flurry of MW
reception reports after our late-March 2002 Grayland DXpedition. I had only
a 50% reply rate, with NONE of my three new Alaskans coming through
(KENI-650, KFQD-750, KRSA-580.)  I was also missing CNR 1 on 1377 (though a
separate report for 639 came through promptly) and RRI Sorong.

Well, today the PO box had this lovely letter in it from RRI Sorong. The
letter is so interesting that I thought that you might enjoy it.... Here is
the text:

Dear Sir,

We say thank you very much for your letter, Mr. Professor John H. Bryant.
We are very happy and glad to receive your letter in Sorong. You wrote in
your letter that "none of these experiences was as thrilling as listening
to RRI Sorong on 909 kHz medium wave from the Pacific Coast of the state of
Washington." I also reply your letter on the air. I called your name and
read your letter.

About your reception report, that was right (correct), because you are
pleased to hear RRI Station Sorong and to catch my wave, I am going to tell
you [about] the station of Radio Republic Indonesia Stasiun Sorong (RRI
Station Sorong.)

Transmitter:  SW Harris BC 10 HT
Wave:           61,53 metres
Power:          10 kilowatt
Frequency:    4785 kHz
Antenna:        Broadband Dipole - 18 metres

Transmitter:   NEC.MET, 4080E, MW
Wave:           330 metres
Power:          10 kilowatt
Frequency:    909 kHz
Antenna:        80 metres

Transmitter:   NEC FM 100 WIT
Power:          100 watt
Frequency:    96.7 MHz
Antenna:        40 metres

Well, that's all for now, Greetings from Station Manager and Staffs of RRI
Station Sorong to all of you and I hope you send me some other reports in
the future.

Yours Sincerely,
Umar Solle

(station stamp)

Very interesting letter.  First, it appears to have been typed by Mr. Solle
himself on a typewriter (not a printer) that needed cleaning. Secondly, Mr.
Solle's English might be a bit rusty, but it is very good, under the
circumstances. So, as long as he is station manager, there appears to be no
need to send reports in Bahasa Indonesian.  The postage on the letter was
9,500 rupiyah... A huge amount (more than double the cost from a few years ago.

The correct station address is

Radio Republic Indonesia Stasiun Sorong
Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 44,
Sorong 98414

I sent the report with $2.00 USD, an English-language report, an Indonesian
language report, an audio CD and several postcards of the Washington Coast.
I also included copies of my QSL card and letter from RRI Sorong on
shortwave which I received in the mid-1980s.

I'm really overjoyed with this QSL, to put it mildly. I specialized in
Indonesian shortwave broadcasting for many years and even wrote two small
books about it. This Spring 2002 reception of Sorong on 909 kHz from
Grayland, WA was a real team effort between three or four of us on that
DXpedition and was my first-ever reception of Indonesia on medium wave...
after trying for a goodly number of years.

I'll be sending Mr. Solle a very nice "thank you" letter and a small
gift..... Its things like this that keep me sending out reception reports,
despite the declining response rates and escalating costs.

Inna word, "Goodie, Goodie, GOODIE!!!)
(John Bryant via DXplorer)
FOLLOW UP---------------------------------------------------------
About the last issue of list of Indonesian stations, please add RRI Sorong on
(Craig Tyson, AUSTRALIA)


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