[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC
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[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria, BC

Best ever reception of Radio VOP, and a welcome return of ALI, the Dutch hobby pirate.  Good DX to all!............Walt.

BRAZIL 11815, 0255-0300*, R.Brasil Central Jun 16 Lively programming with
full ID and frequency announcements in Portuguese at 0258.  Off promptly at
0300 without any fanfare. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

BRAZIL 11829.955, 0113-, R.Anhanguera Jun 15 Portuguese news and variety
program.  Many interviews, mentions of Sao Paulo.  Suffers from splatter
from BBC via WYFR on upper side, and to a lesser extent on the lower side
from Voice of Russia via Vatican.  Otherwise a very strong signal.  Can't
be 1 kw as listed in some sources.  Seems more likely 10 kw, as I see in
other sources.  Can anyone confirm the correct power?  Nice ID at 01:23,
after mentions of noticias.  Signed off sometime before recheck at 0158, as
nothing then was heard. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

CANADA 6030, 0031-, CFVP Calgary Jun 11 Nice clear signal at S5 from CKMX,
with 1-800 number and mentions of the broad coverage area of
CKMX.  Financial planning news.  Don't know if the partial eclipse of the
sun allowed some enhancement. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

TIBET 9490, 1549-, Tibet Peoples BS Jun 15 Hoping to hear their English
segment at 1630, but reception has gone from fair to good, to just a
carrier when rechecking at 1623.  All other // are too low for this time of
the year. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

HOLLAND 15069.67, 0204-, Alfa Lima International Jun 16 Tentative logging
with slow female vocal in AM mode.  Poor to fair reception, with a ute on
USB.  Wonder whether this is a relay of a south American pirate? Weaker
audio when rechecked at 0241.  Confirmed at 0245 with ALI ID and www site
as www.alfalima.net in English.  Fading up again. S-I-O later was 2-4-3
around 0400, with usual ALI programming. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

MADAGASCAR 7309.99, 0330-, VOICE OF PEOPLE Jun 16 Good solid S7 signal
without any QRM, and a minor amount of QRN.  Unfortunately, transmitter did
not start until just after 0330, and audio did not kick in for another 15
seconds, missing the sign-on announcement.  A very different
program.  Usually a lot of politics, but today is a music program,
highlighting particular African artists.  Looking back to 1948, and the
Congo. When rechecked at 0400, signal was about S5, and from there
gradually deteriorated to poor/fair by sign-off. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC,

ROMANIA 17735, 0454-, R.ROMANIA INTERN. Jun 16 RRI in English, totally
blown away by Petropavlovsk's 900 Hz test tone.  Radio Ezra should boom in
tonight!. (Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada)

Walter (Volodya) Salmaniw, MD
   Victoria, BC, Canada.

DXing the world using AOR 7030+/ERGO, Rockwell-Collins HF-2050, Racal 1792, JRC NRD 535D, Kenwood R5000, Collins R390A, Sony 2010, and Sony 1000T with the following antennae:  T2FD, K9AY, 60 meter horizontal loop, Eavesdropper, 25 meter dipole, 25 MHz vertical, and random wire.   All incoming and outgoing email is screened with the latest Norton Antivirus program.