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[HCDX] Re: [SWL] (no subject)

You should put the topic in the 'subject' field, most of us routinely kill
messages with that field empty. Had I not seen a reply on another list, I would
have ignored it today. 	
I totally disagree with Vern Modeland. He can not possibly be a daily
observer/listener, or he would have not said what he did say. 	
This has been a very odd year for propagation, solar maximum or not.  Normally
on forty meters on Saturday (the day is irrelevant), I can hear international
short-wave stations around 1930 UTC. This has not been the case until November
30th. I can normally talk to the East cost on forty meters from 12:30-3:00 PM
EST. But until a week ago the East coast faded out by 12:45 PM EST. None of this
is typical. 	
The twenty meter band on Wednesday evening has run very long, as in the four
corners of the country. I can hear Florida or Washington, but nothing in
between. Today was the first Sunday I had decent propagation in seven months. I
could hear CA, ME, NC and NE. I was not hearing the in close states, and on
twenty meters that is how it should be.	
The band conditions have changed hourly, if not sooner. QSB has been horrendous
with very unpredictable skip zones. Anything but typical, again. 	
Because of geomagnetic storms, some of the VHF stations have had fun with skip.
But overall the band conditions have been poor and extremely unstable.	
The forecasts and the reality have seldom matched. Yet nobody has an
explaination for this. I have posed the question several dozen times and nobody
has had any rational reason. 	
I have spoken with thousands of stations Tomas, I base what I say on real
communications on a three day per week basis. Where VM comes up with his
evaluation escapes me. Obviously he can not be doing much talking or listening,
otherwise he would have observed the strange conditions that have persisted
throughout this year. The most stable conditions have been the past week to ten
Duane Fischer, W8DBF	

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I am exploring the difference between solar data (the "Numbers") and the real 
world (as subjective as that is).  With that aim, I would like to ask you a few 

1)  Do you think we've had unusually GOOD conditions this fall on HF?

2)  Do you think we've had dismal conditions on MW and LW?

3)  How do you rate conditions on MW, low HF, high HF, and VHF since the summer
season until now?

73 de Tomas, NW7US // AAR0JA
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