[HCDX] Broadcasts in English - new edition
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[HCDX] Broadcasts in English - new edition


The Winter 2002 edition of Broadcasts in English is now available from the
British DX Club. It was compiled by Alan Pennington and includes details of
all currently known international broadcasts in English on shortwave and
mediumwave for the B-02 schedule period (Winter 2002 in northern
hemisphere). As usual it  is in time order throughout and covers all target
areas. Transmitter sites are listed where known.

This edition of Broadcasts in English is incorporated in the special January
edition of BDXC's monthly bulletin "Communication" which has just been
posted to all BDXC members. It also includes:
- Guide to DX and Media programmes in English
- Complete listing of all active UK Low Power AM stations
- latest shortwave, mediumwave and UK radio news
- WorldSpace Afristar / WRN EuroMax / IBB mediumwave schedules
and other features....

Copes of this 60 page booklet are available while stocks last at the
following prices (postage included):

United Kingdom - 2 pounds sterling
Europe - 5 Euros or 5 International Reply Coupons
Rest of World - 5 US dollars or 6 International Reply Coupons.

UK cheques/postal orders should be payable to "British DX Club".
Payments in dollars or euros by cash only please.

All order/enquiries to:

British DX Club
126 Bargery Road
London SE6 2LR

Full details also on the BDXC web site: http://www.bdxc.org.uk

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