[HCDX] Christmas transmission of SWR -Official Station of Santa Claus!
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[HCDX] Christmas transmission of SWR -Official Station of Santa Claus!

Howdy how dear listeners,
Scandinavian Weekend Radio Christmas Day transmission on 25th December 2002 includes following programme items... Or, of course, if we are exaxt this transmission began already on Christmas Eve at 22 hours UTC... 
UTC Programme
22 Lahjattomat
23 Lasol Hot Hits
24 Lasol Hot Hits
01 SWR Crew
02 SWR Crew
03 SWR Crew
04 Radio Marabu - Dark Beat
05 Suomirokkia kantoaallolla höystettynä by Esa
06 Progressive rock and other strange things by Esa
07 Free Radio News by Esa
08 Letterbox
09 SWR Jouluparaati
10 Radiolehtikatsaus
11 Radiolehtikatsaus
12 Area 48. Paljastuksia Joulupukista....
13 World Radio Roulette
14 SWR Crew
15 Lasol Hot Hits
16 Radio Marabu - Marabu Christmas
17 SWR Crew
18 Radio Marabu - Marabu Flashback Weihnachtstipps
19 Progressive rock and other strange things by Esa
20 SWR Crew
21 Joulusaunan lämmitys
You can find us on 5980, 5990 or 6170 and 11690 or 11720 kHz on 48 and 25 mb SW-dial. More (updated?) details of programmes and frequency-table can be found from our web-pages: http://www.swradio.net 
NOTE: Because this is a little bit Special transmission day it might be possible that we had to change our frequencies without preforehand notice. IF YOU COULD NOT FIND US ON OUR TABLED FREQUENCY, PLEASE TRY OTHER ONES!
We LIKE you to take LIVE-contacts to us during this Christmas transmission. So, do not hesitate to call or send SMS-messages. Our phonenumber is +358 400 995 559.
Reminder: Send your reception reports now (November and December transmissions) There will be prizes for most distant listeners for example interesting FM AM-Roulette-CD including station identifications all over the World. Send your reporst with return postage of 2 IRC's/ 2 US-$/ 2 EURO to: SWR, P.O.Box 35, FIN-40321 JYVÄSKYLÄ, FINLAND.
Best Regards,
Scandinavian Weekend Radio