[HCDX] recent LAm and 'graveyard' condx+logs
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[HCDX] recent LAm and 'graveyard' condx+logs

Hello !
I am now in vacation, so can DX very late on all days. I finished all my middle-of-the-year exams very well.
The past Friday night was pretty average, still with a nice reception of Cuba on 640. They are somewhat tougher to hear this season with Guadeloupe on full-power, so it was pretty nice to have them atop QRM for 3-4 minutes or so. Otherwise, the excellent Friday night log had to be Radio Vision Cristiana wich was often excellent after 11 PM. 
Not exceptionnal conditions last night too, but at least some nice receptions. Earlier in the evening, I taped a nice ID from WIKE (in New Port, Vermont) and a mention of their "Party Line" program on 1490 kHz. The recent solar disturbances enabled clear reception of many low-powered USA stations on the normally very crowded 'graveyard' channels. Still, WIKE is pretty short skip; still further than Burlington, I think.
On Latin American DX, I was amazed by the repetition of the www.unionradio.com on YVQO-640. Now, checking the site, I see it's under construction.
RCR-750 was often good at times relayi ng  a cultural program Radio Exterior de España.
RVC-530 peaked to very good signal strenght at 0406 playing light modern instrumental music, but still with huge computer QRM from who knows where (my computer was off, so probably from the neighborhod, or maybe from a TV set ^?).
RCN-760 made a showing, but very unimpressive tough. Here is the full (Latin) report:
Bogdan Chiochiu, DXing from Pierrefonds, Quebec, CAN
Sanyo MCD-S830 w/ internal ferrite bar antenna,
also using a Panasonic Dx-D14 with a very short ferrite rod ant. !
530 Turks and Caicos, R. Vision Cristiana Internacíonal DEC 21 0413 Excellent with Christmas jingles and music +DEC 22 0406 - to very good peak with modern light intrumental music through heavy computer QRM (Chiochiu-QC)
640 GUADELOUPE, Radio Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre DEC 22 0317 - Near-excellent signal level with apparently a live pgm of Christmas Zouk song (one had a repetitious refrain about "Père Noël" - Santa Claus in french). The announcer seemed to speak french creole, as very little was understable. At 0321, Venezuelan QRM becomed intense, and by 0335, WNNZ Massachusets was strong too, but during the excellent peaks with no QRM, some reception could be had even on a very cheap and very poor Panasonic Dx-D14 (with much poorer and very weak signal, of course), not all the cheap portables are good DX machines, especially considering the very short lenght of it's internal ferrite bar antenna ! (Chiochiu-QC)
640 VENEZUELA, YVQO Union Radio, Puerto-La-Cruz (Anzoàtegui state) DEC 22 0323 - One segment of their continuos newscast ended; then man repeating over 20 times "unionradio.com" (their new web-site) and the slogans "Union Radio, La radio de noticías", "24 horàs de informacíon" and simply "Union Radio Noticías"; then back to nx. At 0343 again this repetitive promos, mention of "mil-noventa AM" wich is their Carcas frequency (I tryed to get this one wich would have been a new one for me, but whithout luck, as WBAL was huge and alone), as well as several FM frequnecies - one of them was 90.3 in the (Falcon ?) state - back to news again. At 0351 gived 2 items about the Hugo Chavez manifestation. Good to very good reception; often way atop Guadeloupe/WNNZ QRM. I could get trace of this even on a poor Panasonic Rx-D14 portable, just to get an idea of how strong this 10kW Venezuelan was at my QTH. (Chiochiu-QC)
640 CUBA, Radio Progreso  DEC 21 0348 - to good peak with program of old-fashionned cuban songs w/ a woman announcer wich played a song that sounded almost like "Una noche en Habana" (a song heard last year there,on the same program I think). Even with Guadeloupe on higher-power, it's still one of the easiest and one of the strongest cubans at my location (Chiochiu-QC)
750 VENEZUELA, YVKS Radio Caracas Radio, Caracas (Distrito Federal state) DEC 22 0348 - to good peak w/ Radio Exterior de España cultural program. Also had an excellent peak somewhat earlier at 0336 ! This is by far, the strongest YV in the Montreal area. Didn't get them on the Panasonic portable, due to their very wide filter wich enabled a very huge level of overspills from local CKAC on 730 (Chiochiu-QC)
760 COLOMBIA, HJAJ, RCN  DEC 22 0218 - man reporting news via telephone, very poor signal tough and faded completely at 0221 (UTC). Reception of Colombia was nearly nil at my location over the past two evenings (Chiochiu-QC)
910 VENEZUELA DEC 22 0354 - very tentative; bits of woman talk in SS noted at 0354 UTC-2254 EST while RCR-750 was good and Union Radio-640 was very good. Still wait for an ID on this one. According to some DXers, they use the "Errey Qoo" id rarely now and more often ID as "AM Center" wich is a new network in Venezuela. Haven't heard any ID, unfortunately, as it seems to fade-out always at ID time. I still keep this one up for a positive ID tough. (Chiochiu-QC)  
That's it for now !,
73 and good DX and of course Mery Christmas to all of you,
Bogdan Chiochiu