[HCDX] a new LatinMWDX club on Yahoo!
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[HCDX] a new LatinMWDX club on Yahoo!

Hello again !
I forgot to tell you about a new LatinMWDX group who appeared on Yahoo. It is open to members (DXers) from all over the world who receive and listen to Latin American stations on the main mediumwave 520-1710, but also for those of you who DX medium-wave harmonics in the 1700-6000 kHz area, from latin America of course.
To join, send an e-mail to Matt L at <broadw@xxxxxxxxx> and he will certainly invite you to join this group, for those interesed.
Also permitted are items about domestic IBOC statiosn testing right now wich may hammer adjacent and next to adjacent Latin American channels in the coming months/years.
Hopefully, you will find this group interesting,
73 and good DX
Bogdan Chiochiu
Btw: Mery Christmas