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A bit of DU/TP activity this morning, but not too exciting, but at least
a showing.

531    JAPAN, Morioka, JOQG fair with JJ talk at 1525 UTC 12/24. (PM-OR)
594    JAPAN, Tokyo, JOAK fair with man in JJ talk //531 at 1526 12/24
612     AUSTRALIA, Brisbane  4QR, weak with talk by man at 1528 12/24
666     JAPAN, Osaka JOBK //594 JJ talk at 1529 12/24 (PM-OR)
693     JAPAN, Tokyo JJ talk at 1531 12/24, (PM-OR)
729     JAPAN, Nagoya JOCK JJ talk //594 at 1535 12/24 (PM-OR)
774     JAPAN, Akita JOUB JJ talk at 1536 12/24 (PM-OR)
792     AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, weak with Aussie talk at 1537 12/24 (PM-OR)
891     AUSTRALIA, Adelaide 5AN at 1534 12/24, taking calls from
listeners talking about Christmas. (PM-OR)
900     HAWAII, Kahului, KNUI, good with filipino talk at 1545 12/24
918     JAPAN, Unid weak JJ talk at 1550 12/24 (PM-OR)
927     UNID, Australia? man talking in EE weak at 1541 12/24 (PM-OR)
972      REP. OF KOREA, HLCA  good KK talk at 1552 12/24. (PM-OR)
1062    AUSTRALIA, Renmark 5MW //891 at 1542 taking calls from listeners
about Christmas 12/24. (PM-OR)
1134     JAPAN, Tokyo  JOQR JJ talk at 1537 12/24 (PM-OR)
1629     UNID, talk in European lang, possibly Italian, so maybe one of
the Radio Italia stations here at 1522 12/24. (PM-OR)
1700     AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, Radio 1701 good with Hindi pgm at 1520
12/24. (PM-OR)

Drake R8
EWE Antennas

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR
KAVT Reception Manager

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