[HCDX] Re: [mwc] Re: MegaRadio (D) local breaks?
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[HCDX] Re: [mwc] Re: MegaRadio (D) local breaks?

>> Does MegaRadio (Germany) have any local programmes/breaks??? If it does,
>> what might be the times of them?

>not directly to this matter, but as I heard recently from Horst Rauch, Mega Radio
>been testing with a carrier on 1386 kHz in Wuerzburg.
>Karel Honzik


I am not one to critisize heavily on other DXers, but I have learnt never to trust
any news item from Horst Rauch. He used to write me bundles of little pieces of paper
full with items that in 95% of all cases appeared to be completely wrong.
A few years ago he insisted on reporting new frequencies in use in France, while at
the same time all French DXers reported the contrary.
When I asked Horst what equipment he was using, it seemed that he uses very old
equipment with which it is impossible to make accurate observations.
So, please, don't simply acknowledge what he claims but have it carefully checked.


- Herman -

+ + + +

OK, Herman, I quite agree, I know Horst for a couple of years, getting his paper cuts
with enormous number of notes too... He is quite an old man, very enthusiastic, not
always correct, I agree, but I already know what is useful and what not...
I mentioned this probable Mega Radio carrier tests in Wuerzburg on 1386 kHz because
Horst is living in this town and I understand that he was alerted by a local carrier
which appeared on this planned frequency of Mega Radio.

Merry Christmas and GOOD DX,

Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic (Czechia)
AOR AR-7030
30 m Long Wire

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