[HCDX] three Peruvians
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[HCDX] three Peruvians


4826.4 R Sicuani, December 25th, 2320-2335, Spanish, pasillos, ID: "cultura,
deporte, música ... Radio Sicuani, número uno en el dial"; relatively strong
signal with SINPO 33423 (60 KB audio-file available)

4955 R Cultural, Amauta, December 25th, 2315-2320, Spanish, religious
program, time announcement; SINPO 34323

5024.9 R Quillabamba, December 25th, 2300-2315, Spanish, huayno music, ID;
SINPO 23322

vy 73

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Location: Hassfurt, Germany
Receiver: NRD-525
Antennas: 25m long wire
          DX-One Professional
          EWE to South America
          EWE to Asia/Pacific

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