[HCDX] Re: Sangean 606 incerement switch
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[HCDX] Re: Sangean 606 incerement switch

Hello !

Thank you very much for your help and for the help of the Slovenian DX'er
Miha Rus on Hard-Core DX who did help me as well as to know to put out the
batteries and to make the switch as well as most other DX'ers who replyed to
my message, now it tunes in 10 kHz switch wich is great for both Latin and
domestic DX, and you can make fine tuning if you want to listen to splits
like ZIZ-555 and if it's strong enough (there are some noises from the
threshold sensitivity level on MW wich were present even when I tryed to
listen to Colombia-760 2 days ago with a very strong signal; it do not have
a beautifool sound as the Sanyo MCD-S830 receiver, I'm afraid).

It seems also, that it cannot tune in SSB, and the selectivity is a bit
poorer than on my Sanyo MCD-S830: i.e.: I get a het from CINW "940 News" on
910 wich is 30 kHz from their nominal frequency, while using the Sanyo
receiver, I get single-side band disturbances only up and/or down to 20 kHz,
we will buy the loop today so I will see if that helps in reducing splatter
from first adjacent, next adjacent and to some extent third adjacent
frequencies close to the locals. I would like to change the filters of all
my 3 sensitive radios (the Sanyo, the old Phillips and the Sangean
ATS-606A), to put a pretty narraw 3 kHz filter, instead of their 6 kHz, 8
kHz or wherever. I don't know if someone can help me here, since it's pretty
tricky to change the filter, unless you know lots of technology. I wonder if
I will ever meet Mark Connelly or one of those experienced DX'er who lives
500 miles around Montreal, to some extent, or maybe SHeldon Harvey to help
with the random long-wire who don't perform well and with the filters. I
have never really meeted a DX'er in my life, if I exclude Francis Lêvesque
at school, wich who's father is a ham and he let him be a ham too.

I think a 3 kHz AM filter is almost as good as a 4.5, 3 or 1.8 USB (or LSB)
one. I have used some of this wheile using web-controlled receivers (you can
find many, just by searching on Google); one was picking up excellent
signals from WBBM-780 (in Urbana, IL), and using 3 kHz instead of 6 kHz wich
is wider wider, I could tune into a virtually interference free signal from
WABC on 770.

Well, I should discuss to Sheldon Harvey (the biggest DX'er in the Montreal
area), maybe we could make an arrangement for filters, running wires, the
best loops avalable on the market, changing speaker on various radios, etc.

That's it for now !
73 and good DX,
Thanks for all of you who helped !,

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