[HCDX] Some logs from the past 2 evenings
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[HCDX] Some logs from the past 2 evenings

Report from Bogdan (Alexandru) ChiochiuMark Mohrmann <
Rx.: Sanyo MCD-S830
Ant.: Long ferrite bar
QTH: PierrefondsEst (Montreal),  Quebec, Canada

Some logs made on December 25 after mid-night revealed nice signals from
Caicos-530 and Guadeloupe-640, but not much else. Still hoping, in some way,
that this AU condx would either continue very intense to allow some possible
deep-South Americans or come completly to an end to allow CKEC in Nova
Scotia to be heard from New Glasgow on 1320 with their nice pop music,
alnong with other longer-haul signals from the Canadian Maritimes, south of
New England or deep Mid West, other than the short skip signals in Boston,
Toronto or NYC wich are weaker or very weak, but are still there, usually,
during mildly auroral condx.

Until I get a better antenna system or a better radio than my new Sangean
ATS-606A, I'm still using the Sanyo radio purchased by my father before 1
month before I comed to Canada. And still, he was purchasing a Hi-Fi chain
with tape, CD player and AM/FM radio not knowing that the AM section would
bring some 18 countries for me and some 20 states (could bring even more
than that if I had been more into domestic DX) and the FM section 4 or 5
mid-west states on E-skip until the antenna broked last year.


530 Turks and Caicos,    Radio Vision Cristiana Internacíonal  DEC 26 0547 -
Excellent with up-beat SS gospel (Chiochiu-PQ)
640 Guadeloupe, Radio Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre DEC 25 0145 - atop with
Caribbean music + DEC 25 2319 - fading in with man talking; extremely weak,
but the earliest evidence of a Caribbean/South American station on the dial
+ DEC 25 2341 - to poor peak with interval signal followed by man talking in
french creole + DEC 26 0331 - good, but soon overtaked by the Cuban and by
WNNZ somewhat later; playing up-beat zouk music (Chiochiu-PQ)
640 Cuba, Radio Progreso  DEC 26 0446 - quite rapidly faded atop WNNZ and
stayed for at least 4 minutes with a very good signal, playing a nice salsa
song (sounded somewhat similar to Oscar D'Léon wich is a sonera YV singer).
Put 40 minutes of a barely recorded tape on 640 to wait for signs of
brazilian Radio Bandeirantes of Porto Alegre to show. 640 is one of my
favorites for Brasil because WNNZ is never above the "good" signal strenght,
and I had possibly logged Ecuador in October (still have to review that tape
to clear out if radio nationale was mentioned on Guadeloupe or HCXE2 Ecuador
(Quito), but there was a station fighting with Guadeloupe at the time; did
Radio Bandeirantes in on 24 hours a day ?). (Chiochiu-PQ)
670 Cuba, Radio Rebelde, CMQ, Arroyo Arrenas  DEC 25 0246 - tentative this
time; bits of music under overspills from local 690 while using the new
Sangean ATS-606A receiver my mother gived to this Christmas. She din't want
to buy a Radio Shack loop today. They didn't find, my mother (Chiochiu-PQ)
750 Venezuela, RCR, YVKS, Caracas  DEC 25 0216 - to fair-good peak with
woman in spanish talking about "Navidad" then singed it's self a X-mas song
about "Isus" (Jesus in spanish) (Chiochiu-PQ)
760 Colombia, RCN, HJAJ, Barranquilia  DEC 25 00308 - Very strong with talk
program about Colombian music. Mention of "colombiano" and talk on several
HJ singers, such as Shakira. Played bits of several Shakira songs; the only
one familiar to me was "Whenever, Wherever". (Chiochiu-PQ)
890 Cuba, Radio Progreso, CMDZ, Chambas  DEC 25 0228 - to excellent peak
with a mixture of american pops and SS tropical/ pop mx. (Chiochiu-PQ)
1130 Venezuela, R. Ideal, YVRL ?? or domestic, DEC 23 0130 - American X-mas
music under WBBR. Are they are any other domestics on 1130 or did YVRL play
some music in EE too?; heard before the walk with Tom (my dog) and Aurel
Chiochiu (my father) on the evening of December 22 (Chiochiu-PQ)
1150 UNITED STATES, La Mega, Boston, MA, WMAG,  DEC 26 0238 - fair with
minor fadings some QRM from remaints of nulled CJRC Gâtineau, albeit much
weaker than with their terrific sky-wave present when it's not auroral, and
no evidence of CKOC . A mixture of salsa, meringue and mexican cumbias; with
two "La Mega" mentions at 0243. New domestic catche; however this might be a
nuisance for any LA DX'er who want to hear YVMV "Ondas del Caribe". I was
trying to hear the Venezuelan, Montreal-area dx'er Sheldon Harvey has heard
maybe 20 years ago, but heard this instead - thanks for Bruce Conti for the
tip. Presumably the same SS tropical-er heard several times since the automn
of 2001. Now with an ID on WAMG, I wonder if the new Circuito AM Digital
network of Venezuela who has an out-let on this frequency will make it to
Montreal or not. Sheldon Harvey has heard it some time ago when the band
wasn't that crowded, so why I couldn't heard them. YVMV-1150 used to be
heard by Veteran DX'er years ago 9before I wasn't even born), and they are
surely still possible during the optimum auroral conditions. They key is to
get past the  CJRC/CKOC/WAMG mix if possible. We'll keep trying

That's it for now !,
73 and good DX,
Bogdan (Alexandru) Chiochiu

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