[HCDX] 60 meters DX tips
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[HCDX] 60 meters DX tips

Hello !

Due to the verry poor Latin condx and to the increasing QRM from CJMR on
1320 (where I wanted to listen to CKEC) and a near-threshold signal strenght
from RCN-760 as the best Latin MWer, I fixed the outdoor wire antenna and
connected to a radio I received for my 13 years birday on the summer of
2000, and I hear Brazil on 4885, I think (very bad dial read-out and
ANALOG ); futboll game; 2 "gool", mentions of Sao Paulo and Natal, mention
of "onda tropical". I think it is Rádio Difusora Ancreana from Rio Blanco,
as reported by Stelia in Sweden exactly 1 year ago ! The signal is so

WWCR 5070 is exactremly strong and may cause some kind of overload (I
extended the telescopic antenna at it's maximum lenght and put the wire in
the head-phones thing) and I 'm getting BBC in spanish around 4980 (not
evidence of Ecos del Torbes). Just below very weak bits of meringue music
comed throught, Dominican Republic.

I'm keep listening, a full report we'll be issued tomorrow perphaps. Haven't
listened seriously to shortwave since the beginning of October, altough
yesturday I tuned into nx about Hugo Chavez on excellent and easily heard
Radio Marti (with the jammer not noticed at all, at times, on the Realistic
DX-150A solid state communication receiver)

Now ther are still in good with woman talking in portuguese with a mention
of "Musical" as of 9:35 PM-2135 EST and 0235 UTC. Will try for Africans on
their sign-on. The frequency of the ZY must be 4885, almost if not all 100%

That's it for tonight !,
73 and good DX,
Bogdan Alexandru Chiochiu (QTH: Pierrefonds Est )Montreal), QC

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