[HCDX] Logs from the evening of Dec. 29
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[HCDX] Logs from the evening of Dec. 29

Hello !

Bogdan Chiochiu
DX'ing from Montreal (), Quebec, Canada
Equipment: Sanyo MCD-S830 with ferrite bar antenna.

530 TURKS AND CAICOS,    Radio Vision Cristiana  DEC 30 0442 - Man in
Spanish; good to fair, noted in passing (Chiochiu-QC)
640 VENEZUELA,   YVQO Unión Radio, Puerto La Cruz, Anzoàtegui  DEC 30 0445 -
Nx with a serious and relativly furious man speaching (Chavez ?). Poor to
fair, mixing with Guadeloupe. Trace of a third station way under, presumably
WNNZ (in Westfield, Massachusets). (Chiochiu-QC)

Not much, conditions were very poor, and even the RCN outlet on 760 wich
recently returned back to higher-power was audible only as a sub-audible
het. I didn't do much DX'ing primarily because of the poor conditions wich
were poor to either domestic and Pan-American (LAm) DX'ing. For that reason
in the first part of the evening, I profited to burn a CD of old-school
freestyle music (I like this music very much, even though I'm only 15; it
has looots of Latin American influences, most of the singers are either
Puerto Rican or Cuban english-speaking Americans who put a mix of
break-dancing, Latin rythms (salsa, merengue, cumbia mostly), disco and on
very rare occasions even some rap and played a kind of funky-beat music in
the mid-80's. The best artists are Exposé, Nu Shooz and The Cover Girls.

Back to DX'ing, I found Radio Mauritanie on 4845 kHz just about every late
afternoon. They are especially strong around 6 PM; I hope that if solar
activity decreases, even a little bit, I will be able to hear my first TA,
by tuning to 783 kHz on my Sanyo and trying to // it with 4845 (on the
Realistic DX-351; on the Sangean ATS-606A I barely hear them and they are
the only tropical station, I can listen to; even WWCR isn't coming very
well; I guess this receiver was meant for SWLing to the major international
broadcasters, not the smaller international broadcasters, the domestic
tropical band broadcasters, the pirate radios or any shortwave DX'ing
purposes; I find the reception VERY enhanced by connected the wire I
installed outside to the telescopic antenna. So much enhanced, that it picks
up looots of images below 11.5 MHz, I get some overloading and mixing
products with the multi-band pocket Realistic, but nowhere as high as on the
Sangean; I have picked up two new ZYs on 60MB that I never thought I will
ever hear, the new wire really works out, is more my receivers that are not
up to the job).

I will try now to see if I can get the Romanian service of the BBC on SW; it
will be really nice to hear them, since they beam to eastern Europe mostly,
it will be a true DX catche. Their programs starts when it's 1400 (Eastern
standard Time), so 1900 UTC.

That's it for now !,
73 and good DX,
Bogdan Alexandru Chiochiu

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