[HCDX] LOGS the previous 2 weeks
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[HCDX] LOGS the previous 2 weeks

Here is a list of clandestine and remain logs during the previous week in 
LItohoron wiith the use of MVT7100 radio scanner grounded with adaptor ( 
with better signal levels)  
Notice: The last 2 logs of the weeks 13-17 were trested in parallel with sat 
system now in use 

[IRAN non ] 7490  R international 1755 with song then canned ID , a speech 
by OM qbout communism then a song of POhil Collins sung by YL . Signal 
S5 on 7100 43434 with litle jammer under signal Dec 22 Liangas Greece 

[S ARABIA non poss via IRAN] 9930 Al Islah 1950 man with continuous talks  
with flattery continiung after 2000 . Possible ID before 2000 . Signal very 
good (44444 ) with many audio line problems (audio breaks )  Previous night 
on 2130 I have heard VoiRI in arabic, therefore i can suspect Iran is relaying 
it. Dec 24+ 23 Liangas Greece 

USA tw IRAN: 15410  R Farda 1413 ID by  YL  showing also sats relayed and 
giving weg adress at radiofarda.org . Persian pop songs ID at every 2 songs 
1430 with talks( news)  . Good signal 43443 to 42442 Dec 26 Liangas Greece

CHINA 15260 & 152885 CNR8 /CNR prg in CC with mostly talks . 15260 
stopped on 1400 

Below are the older logs 

[Corea] 4450 V of Natl Salvation 1633 with a songs  fro MN korea , man talks 
in KO , mentioning possibly ID , lkHZ , Corea. Signal level S4 max S6 22423 
best on narrowband or USB Also on 17 at 1520 with S4with talks and Korean 
operas  at 1520  (224x2) Liangas 15+17 Thessaloniki Greece 

[IRAN] 7070 V of Mujahed 1732  YL  with talks in Farsi  about Sharia , Bush 
and Islam etc . Signal level S9  though full of QRM //5650v -5670v  Liangas 
15 Thessaloniki Greece 

ABKHAZIA 9489.4 R Abkhazia 1454 with Russian opera , talks by OM in 
Russian , ID at 1457 "... Abkhaz R" by YL followed by slow music " i will 
always love you ' . vacant carrier for abt 1 min then sign off . Signal ^-7 with 
carrier on 9490.0 Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[SYRIA] 7470 //12015 R ... YL with talks on start of the program , OM with 
Quranic verses 1610 Arabic song 1620 talks with references to community 
(serikat). Signals 7470 on S9 //12085 delayed >15 secs  with no signal... 
Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[KAZAKHSTAN] 9925 R DAt 1615 OM with news in RR . Mentions on a 
professor , Problems on Kazakhstan, Nazerbayev. ID as  "govorit Radio DAt , 
svobodna radio dlja svobodna Kazakhstana, shljushate radio Dat ' giving 
freqs at 1630 and web address www.datradio.com . and later with reference 
to Yeltzin . Signal abt S5 On 18.12 with S9+10 and 33433 Liangas 17 
Thessaloniki Greece

[IRAN non] 11575 Radio Sedaye Iran 1635-1640 continuous slow talks on 
Farsi by OM  about Mojahed , Azadi , Talebans , Hamenei , Rafgsanjani. At 
1659  with ID 'Azadi Radio Sedaye Iran' Program continues and after 1700 
Clear signal with S9+10 db Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[IRAN non] V of Komala/Mesopotamia  1700 English ID 'You are listening to 
the Voiceof Mesopotamia' follwing with Arabic and farsi  ID over a 
background pop music . Arabic type song  at 1705  follwing with  with 
kurdish? songs . Good signal but sure to strong QRM better heard  at +1.5 
kHZ Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[IRAN non] R Barabari 1705 , YL reading a statement  in farsi , 1717  a 
discussion ./intervieww  with topics on Iran and Islam . Jammer at 1720 
completely wiping out Barabari . Not sure if Barabari used another transmitter 
at 7460 at1730 as a low level signal (S3 or 24242)  has been heard with a YL  
with talks in farsi  speaking on Balucchistan and a possible ID with Azadi  has 
been heard . At 1740 this frequency has been jammed with the same jammer 
( 7470 is now clear) Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[AFG + IRAN?] Azadi R Afghanistan 11740 ? with reports in Dari and western 
pop song at 1745 and  anti communist talks /reports and phone-ins . At 1805 
talks on Mojaheds and radio Kommunist Iran . Sinal level is S9+10 to 20 with 
very low jamming Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[IRAN non ]7480 R Payam E Doost [news from friend/of friendship] 1759 with 
music , and YL IDing "sedaye Payam E Dost' then talks by same YL 1803  
with pop song interrupted by YL and nice slow music in between talks. At 
1823 with a Rajasatani pop . takls about and with doctor Inholi 
/Tirondol.Programming seemd as a religious ttype . Also web page 
(bahairadio.net)  coincides with my opinion as a religious radio station   Poor 
signal 22432 suffered  by 7490 Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[AFGANISTAN]12140 R Azadi ..Afganistan , talks by OM in Dari , 1815 with 
ID , then  talks for at least 5 minutes. I stopped listening due to low signal: 
24232 or S3 Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

[S ARABIA] 7590 Al Islah /MIRA 1913  checked with Al islah satellite feed 
and program is totally in parallel . MAn with continuous talks in Arabic. Many 
audio problems over the HF air as well in the satellite with HF gaining in 
'fidelity' over satellite . Signal level S9+20 Liangas 17 Thessaloniki Greece

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PP: R75/HF150/MVT7100/D2935  + 16m/1x1 + 
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/napa.htm crash test Napa DAV315 MP3 player 

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