[HCDX] The Sanyo MCD-S830 repaired
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[HCDX] The Sanyo MCD-S830 repaired

Hello to all of you !

Bogdan speaks: The missing piece of the recorder did come up earlier than expected - the last Thursday, yesturday. Almost everything is repaired, not only the tape recordering, but also the FM antenna wich broke about 2 years ago and the volume controlo. However, it needs some dial adjustement, because often when you tune it cuts from the dial frequency and you hear on a NON-frequency either distorted overloads from FM or nothing and sometimes the station you were listening to disapears to hear a slop or het from it and found it higher on the "dial"; this means you have to tune very, VERY slowly and carefully. Still, it receive stations with the sensitivity, selectivity and ferrite bar directionnability it usually did. I`m so happy !! I will be able to re-begun reporting regularly to IDXD, Hard-Core-DX, LatinMWDX and the other publications and enjoy some of the Latin American music I like.

Here is a log of the Latins I heard tonight. Nothing exceptionnal, but things look promising. I`ll try again later:

530 TURKS AND CAICOS, Radio Vision Cristiana Int. DEC 13 0038 - with male preaching in Portuguese; the only word I could really understand was "coraçao" wich means "heart" in English followed by usual male spanish spreacher. Very good signal level, but with quite some QRM from computer in our neighborhood. No CIAO, with this station nulled, just even stronger computer QRM. + DEC 13 0057 - Fair signal level with soft Spanish music but unlistenable even for a hard-core DX`er due to the strong level of computer hash. (Chiochiu-QC)

750 VENEZUELA, YVKS, Caracas, DF DEC 13 0057 - Presumed; Spanish male mixing with "...WSB, Depend on it !". (Chiochiu-QC)

760 COLOMBIA, HJAJ, RCN Barranquilla DEC 13 0051 - with live interview about a Christmas festivity in Santa Marta and talk about a trio, segments of llanera and salsa music, then ads; several mentions of "Radio Succeso RCN" were heard during the interview. Signal was initially somewhere beetwen the good and very good marks and started to fade toward poor by 7:55 PM. Way over a really barely discernable salsa music station. I logged as TENTATIVE OAZ4X Radio Mar Plus out of Lima, Peru the past season. Could this have really been them (the reports of South American stations from outside Venezuela and Colombia are extremely rare at inland locations) ? It`s the only salsa and tropical mx stn on 760 I`m aware of. What kind of music the Spanish-domestic WLCC in Florida on this channel do carry ? Also, I tried to null out this station as to get WJR, and instead WJR, in RCN null I heard a very huge level of powerline noises. By the way, with the radio aimed east-west, the level of powerline QRM is insupportable, I don`t know why. (Chiochiu-QC)

890 CUBA, CMDZ, Radio Progreso, Chambas DEC 13 0044 - Just above WCBS-880 and below a very weak computer wash on 900 in tuning with poor signal strenght and salsa music. QRM from an apparent WLS (though the co-channel signal was weak too and was equally present when the radio was aimed north-south like when the radio was aimed east-west just before the very intense powerline QRM begun - see 760). (Chiochiu-QC)

Also a fairly good domestic DX log from yesturday night (no Latins were heard yesturday with the exception of Cuba-1180 wich I haven`t heard tonight yet, oddly, though):

1140 WRVA Richmond, VA DEC 11 2114 EDT - with an information station liner. Very good reception. This station was completly wipped out by slop-over usually local-like skywave WBBR-1130 on all the other radios I tried to DX during the time the Sanyo was broken. (Chiochiu-QC)

1180 CUBA, CMBA, Radio Rebelde, Villa-Maria DEC 11 2056 - with monologue, mention of "comandante". Very strong signal, slightly over fair-strenght remains of nulled WHAM. When aimed east-west, WHAM was local-like (no, I`m not kidding - I just tried to see if the ferrite bar antenna was working as well in separing co-channel signals as it used to and it do !). (Chiochiu-QC)

Equipment (obviously !!):
the Sanyo MCD-S830 with it`s ferrite bar antenna

So 4 or 5 Latins were heard since the Sanyo MCD-S830 was "repaired" + something that sounded like YVKS mixing with WSB on 750. Not that bad !

If anyone have a come-back message or something like that, be free to write it. I enjoy corresponding with all the other DX`ers.

That`s it for now - I`m back to the AM band on my Sanyo MCD-S830 !
73 and good DX,
Bogdan Chiochiu (QTH: Montreal - Pierrefonds-Est, QC) 
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