[HCDX] Radio Cielo, Chiclayo, Peru
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[HCDX] Radio Cielo, Chiclayo, Peru

Logged this morning. Thanks for the tip Bjorn!

PERU. 5626.8v- Radio Cielo, Chiclayo, Peru. At 1110 UTC- Based on
Bjorn Malm's log in HCDX & Cumbre, tuned into this freq to hear definite
Peruvian music. Clear multiple Radio Cielo IDs at 1121-1122 UTC by male
announcer then back
to Peruvian music. A single Radio Cielo ID at 1126 UTC. Bjorn listed freq as
5628.8 but I'm
getting it more around 5626.8 but the signal is so overmodulated and muffled
that it's spread
about 2 kHz across 5626-5628 that an exact measurement even to 100 Hz by the
NRD-515 was
difficult. An occasional ute QRMs the broadcast but not severely.

John Sgrulletta
Mahopac, NY

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