[HCDX] two rare stations
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[HCDX] two rare stations

buenos días amigos,

good conditions to South America last night:

4773.6 R Centinela del Sur, Loja, 12th of december, 23.10-00.10, Spanish,
advertisement, cultural information, press review, local news from the
Ambato/Loja region, anthem at 00.10, c/d 00.13; ID: "... en la República del
Ecuador transmitiendo Radio Centinela del Sur desde Loja, ... 1210
kilociclos ... 4770 kilociclos banda tropical de 60 metros ... gracias por
su sintonía." Weak signal, but good audio.

9620.7 SODRE (presumed), Montevideo, 12th of december, 22.45-22.54, Spanish,
classical music, short announcement by woman, blocked by REE at 22.54, O=1-2

saludos cordiales desde Alemania

Michael Schnitzer
Homepage: http://home.arcor.de/mschnitzer/
Location: Hassfurt, Germany
Receiver: NRD-525
Antennas: GPM-1500
          DX-One Professional
          EWE to South America
          EWE to Asia/Pacific

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