[HCDX] LAm AM band logs for the rest of the night
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[HCDX] LAm AM band logs for the rest of the night

Hello to all of you again !

The past night, I did feel asleep a little bit after 1:30 PM while listening to Radio Vision Cristiana in my parent`s room. I also heard a very few other Latins, including a tantalizing mess on 580 containing apparently WTIG Princetown, NJ, RJR out of Galina, Jamaica and HIAF Radio Monte Cristi. What is surprising is to see the absence of any LAm station on 640. The last season, Radio Guadeloupe, YVQO Union Radio and Radio Progreso would all strongly dominate this channel at different moments during the evening. This wasn`t the case the past night.

Also, this morning around 8:11 AM shortly after I did wake up, I heard a country music station on 1570 with mention of "mohawk country" and "101.1 FM" in their non-ID. Will post with more details on this one later today on all the forums with the exception of LatinMWDX.

Here is the Latin American MW report:

580 DEC 13 0602 - A tantalizing mess containing American talk (WTIG), reagge music (RJR, Galina), Spanish ads (WKAQ) and bachata music (HIAF). By 0613 UTC, WTIG was back to it`s usual very strong level, so couldn`t continue catch here anything exotic. (Chiochiu-QC)

600 CUBA, CMKV, Radio Rebelde, Urbano Norris DEC 13 0603-0611 - with man talking about education in Cuba and Latin America, then romantic Cuban and Spanish music. Good with nothing understable underneath until WICC faded-in at 0609 or 0610 UTC. (Chiochiu-QC)

640 GUADELOUPE, Pointe-à-Pitre DEC 13 0614 - Man and woman in french. Poor-fair signal level in big mess with at least Radio Progreso, WNNZ and CHGO (Mojo Radio). Maybe YVQO Union Radio was in as well, but I`m not sure at all ? Very difficult to make anything out on this channel at this time; sounded pretty much like a domestic GY channel. (Chiochiu-QC)

I don`t have to report about Radio Vision Cristiana; their signal was often very strong the past night and I feel asleep while listening to them. The computer hash did stop, but on the other hand on the channel and on all the channels below 650 or 660, one could heard like a clock tick-tac, if the signals weren`t strong (something similar to what one can hear on utility or RTTY stations on SW). Maybe a ham operator nearby ? This tick-tac sound was heard this morning too. Well...

A little bit before I left for eating, I would like to congratulate again, John in Milwaukee for hearing Radio Oriente on 720 1 or 2 weeks ago. Really nice catche !

That`s it for now !
I will send an audio clip with the unid C&W domestic heard on 1570 this morning later one; I tried to get XERF "La Poderosa Quince-Setenta" wich was recently reported in IDXD by Morris Sorrensen in Ontario and by David Yocis in Wahington, DC, but no luck, probably too late ? I must get XERF before the new local in Laval sign-on. Also I didn`t heard C&W on 1570 before, I think they must reduce their night power very severily (probably to just a few or to just a few dozens of watts). 
73 and good DX,
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