[HCDX] QSL: 117th country
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[HCDX] QSL: 117th country

A new, 117th country in my QSL list.

That's Nigeria. There were several attempts to report reception to the Voice
of Nigeria -- but all in vain. My QSL letter comes from Radio Nigeria
Kaduna, 4770 kHz. Unfortunately, my name and time of reception are missing
on the sheet.

Report sent on 13 June, reply received on 18 Dec -- all in all 183 days. V/s
Shehu A. Muhammad, Chief Tech. Officer.

Address: Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Kaduna National Station, No.7
Yakubu Gowon Way, P.O.Box 250, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Some transmission details from the letter:

- broadcasting in English on 4770, 9570, 1107 kHz
- broadcasting in Hausa on 6090, 594 kHz.

Dmitry Mezin
Kazan, Russia

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