[HCDX] SWB: 4722.86 kHz unID Bolivia heard in 3 continents!
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[HCDX] SWB: 4722.86 kHz unID Bolivia heard in 3 continents!

SWB/ARC América Latina 
Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador
K-index, A-index y SolarFlux en este preciso momento:

4722.86 kHz  unID Bolivia "Radio Mejía"(????)

Quito 18/Dic/2003 13:39   
Amigos DXistas Jan Edh, Robert Wilkner, Célio Romais
and Henrik Klemetz!

Thanks to Jan, Robert, Célio and Henrik for your
mails. Yesterday I sent information about this
station. This unID station was heard at the same time
in Ecuador, Sweden, USA and Brasil. I have just
finished listening to a recording I made last night. 
Thanks also to Henrik Klemetz for his information(in
portugues). I o not understand portugues very well but
I think Henrik says that it could be Radio Yura. On
the other hand says Robert Wilkner in Florida, USA
that Radio Yura that night(??) was on their normal
frequency, NOT on 4722.86 kHz. 

I do not know the name and QTH of the station but you
can listen to a recording of ID at SWB(I´m sending the
recording to Thomas Nilsson/SWB at the same time as
this mail).

"....centro de producción radiofónica SEPRA", "....red
de participación ciudadana y control social....".
"Radio Mejía(???)....4700 kcs banda de 60
metros....1__,3(???) frecuencia modulada....". "Radio
Regional(???) de.....regional....para construcción de
un mundo mrjor....Radio Mejía(???) en su nueva onda
4700 kcs banda de 60 metros onda corta". Sounds to me
a FM station that has started a new transmitter on
shortwave(".....en su nueva onda 4700 kcs.....").  

73s Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador   SWB América Latina.

NRD 535 ? HF 150. MFJ 616 ? MFJ 1025.
Ant. 1: "Horizontal Sloped Inverted L" 18 meters
Ant. 2: "Horizontal Sloped Inverted L" 36 meters
+ Magnetic Longwire Balun

(you can use my information giving credit to:
 Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador  SWB/ARC América Latina) 

Could it be Radio Yura? I have a long recording so I
will try tomorrow to get an ID. Up to 0000 UTC much
talking both spanish and indian language. Said one
time "Radiofonico SEPRA" but if it was an ID I do not
know. After 0100 UTC nonstop music, mostly mexican and
some cumbias. Yura have always been under 4720 kHz as
far as I know(Bjorn Malm).  

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