[HCDX] QSL from Radio Apintie
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[HCDX] QSL from Radio Apintie

4990 Radio Apintie, Paramaribo.
QSL letter in a email in 10 hours.
I sent my reception report to following address:
They were sent the e-QSL from same electronic address.
V/S: Charles Vervuurt, Director
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

This is the QSL letter complete text:
"Dear Mr. Arnaldo L. Slaen,
It is with great pleasure we hereby confirm that you have been listening to
Radio Apintie on Decmber 17, from 2340-2355 UTC on 4.990 KHz.
On 12 December this year we took our new shortwave transmitter (Omnitronics
1000 watt) on the air.
Altough the transmitter is used for our interior it is nice to recieve
reports from outside our country.
The antenna we use is 6 element logperiodic beamed to the south.
Thank you for your report,
Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays
Charles Vervuurt
Radio Apintie
POBox 595
Verl Gemenelansweg #37
Fax 597 400684
Tel 597 400450
Email: apintie@xxxxxx

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