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[HCDX] Tocobagadx #70

TOCOBAGA DX #70 December 25, 2003
E-mail: tocobagadx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Florida Low Power Radio Stations" is at:

© 2003, Terry L Krueger.  Retransmit or quote all or any
portion only with full credit given to TOCOBAGA DX and all
attributed sources.  All frequencies are in KHz unless
otherwise stated.  Times in GMT/UTC unless otherwise stated.

990 CUBA R Guamá, unknown city, Pinar del Río; 1733-1737
Dec. 24, Spanish DJ chatter, bumper SFX, very good and
parallel poor 1020.  (Krueger-FL)

1050 MEXICO "Radio Pirata" XEQQQ, Cancún, Quintana Roo;
1737-1739 Dec. 24, fair w/ usual Spanish pop, slogan drop
between songs.  (Krueger-FL)

1060 FLORIDA WPIM363 St. Petersburg-Clearwater International
Airport; 1739-1745 Dec. 24.  Note this one back on after
many spells of silence or open carrier.  Only now, very
reduced signal -- only fair at my location 4-1/2 miles from
the airport -- with male looped parking info.  As always,
ID's do not include calls.  (Krueger-FL)

1080 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, Guines, La Habana; 1728-1733
Dec. 24, excellent signal and parallel poor 1100.  Cuban
vocals, babble and canned "Esta es Radio Cadena Habana, la
frecuencia popular" by man at BoH, then live time check.

1100 CUBA jammer; 2255-2302, Dec. 24.  Fair level, audible
under the below log.  (Krueger-FL)

1100 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, Pastora, Ciudad de la Habana;
2255-2302 Dec. 24.  Indeed a RCH outlet here and alone save
for the Cuban jammer.  Very good level w/ conclusion of a
children's program, parallel 1100 and 1120, and the same
canned ID as on the 1080 entry.  (Krueger-FL)

1289.88 USA unidentified; 2302-2305 Dec. 24.  Someone way
off frequency here, definitely domestic with unID
satellite-fed ToH news.  Very poor.  Seems to me David
Crawford long-ago ID'ed this, though I might have the wrong
channel.  (Krueger-FL)

1700 CUBA jammer; definitely a jammer here now, noted 2244+,
similar to the 1100 jammer (stable but slight warbling sound
with TVI-ish audio, and best LSB, as is 1100 kHz).
Obviously targeting WJCC-Miami Springs, and the (presumably
brief) Radio Martí feed.  (Krueger-FL)

6274.96 EURO-PIRATE Radio Crazy Wave; 0039-0120 Dec. 25.
Presume the one with pop music, accented (Dutch?), emphatic
delivery from man, one clear "Crazy Wave" noted at 0105.
Beleive this one was reported by others the night before on
6275.  (Krueger-FL)

6310 EURO-PIRATE unidentified; 0408-0520 Dec. 25.  Someone
here with music, male announcer but no ID's heard in brief
checks while unwrapping gifts and eating late night snacks.
Anyone else?  (Krueger-FL)

13710 SA'UDI ARABIA BSKSA Holy Qu'ran Service, Riyadh;
1638-1703 Dec. 24, very good and parallel 15205, 17560 (both
excellent) w/ continuous mullah Qu'ran poetic scripture
readings past ToH.  (Krueger-FL)

96.1 MHz FLORIDA WTMP-FM "Hot 96-1", Dade City; have noted
this for awhile now (at least a couple of weeks -- including
today, Dec. 24) in non-stereo mode; wonder what gives.  Are
they trying to up their coverage in a shady way, or just
running semi-broken equipment?  The usual Urban format.

96.7 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE) "Flavor FM" St Petersburg;
1850-1930 Dec. 24.  The only Pinellas or Hillsborough
Counties pirate noted active from this location right now.
Usually active Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays-only, but on for
the mid-week Christmas holiday with the usual Old School
soul format.  Very poor signal on the car radio, however my
location is about 10 miles north of this DF'ed site.

464.525 MHz UNIDENTIFIED; seemingly this frequency or at
least very close (this is where it locks on my handheld
scanner).  Sporadic all-Spanish traffic 1816+ Dec. 24.
Anyone know what this is?  Presumably Florida and also
close, as nothing special seemed apparent propagationally
today.  (Krueger-FL)

ITS RECEIVER: Anyone else have one of those new $29.99 ITR
receivers?  It clips to the car sun visor, and broadcasts
continuous traffic updates (I've been played with it for an
hour, and there were no updates -- ahem, Gary M., you remain
the bay area Traffic God).  However, closer to drive-time,
updates picked up.  Powered by four AAA's.  Just a silly
radio toy (I can never resist such) that I grabbed while in
the usual, painfully slow Soviet-era checkout line at
Eckerd, which is the primary selling partner right now.
It's people like me that Eckerd obviously intentionally
created the slow check-out process for.

Anyways, they are hawking the crap out of the ITR on local
TV spots now, you know, right up there with C-C-C-Chia and
the Clap-On.  If they only incorporated all three into ONE
product, they'd have a guaranteed money-maker.  Imagine:
traffic with fuzzy greenery, providing needed oxygen to your
car's interior, and a moment with both hands off of the
wheel while travelling at a high rate of speed ("clap,
clap") to deactivate the receiver.  Brilliant on my part,

One of the partners in this project is ex-Tampa Bay
Lightning member Brian Bradley, a Canadian.  The signal is
piggied on an FM subcarrier in a joint venture with Infinity
(Viacom) and Metro Networks.  One of the audio loops
mentions a transmitter stick in "downtown Tampa" and another
in St. Petersburg.  Does anyone know which local Infinity
FM'ers these are specifically emitting from?

See www.ITRNow.com for more info.  Apparently Tampa Bay is
the only city in the country with this service  for the
moment, though Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando appear to be
coming up soon according to their web.

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